Free Will Versus Free Flow

Learning to co-create with the Universe

Beth Louise
3 min readMay 25, 2021


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I used to think that leaving things up to the Universe was a total cop-out. Surrendering and doing nothing didn’t feel logical, it felt lazy. There’s a lot of cardinal energy in my chart (Capricorn sun, Cancer moon) and I firmly believed that things happen because we make them happen.

After I turned thirty, though, my thinking shifted. I started to believe in the power of letting go and trusting the Universe. Partly, I think, because I was tired of forcing things and getting nowhere, and partly because there was a magical, unexplainable force bringing good things into my life when I seemed to be trying least.

Looking back now, it wasn’t that I’d stopped trying altogether though, it was just that I’d redirected my energy. Instead of stressing about career success, I focused on feeling engaged at work and helping my team. Instead of forcing friendships, I concentrated on peoples’ vibe and nourished the connections that felt expansive and whole. And instead of chasing happiness, I learned to love both the highs and lows that come with evolving. That’s when things started flowing.

So, sometimes doing nothing is actually doing something. Why? Because we’re co-creators in this experiment. Free will (taking action) and free flow (letting the Universe take over) are both equally important, of course. It’s about knowing when to tap into each.

When you start to put more faith in the unknown and focus on the process not the outcome, there’s less pressure to be in control of everything in your material world. Your task instead is to get to an energised, open, grateful mindset, and to take inspired action from that place.

The question is; how do you get to a place where you can comfortably release your tight grip on life?

  1. Get crystal clear on your values and goals. Write them down. Take the time and space to really, truly think about what matters to you. What would a feel-good future look like if there were no limits? This helps you to tune into any amazing opportunities and signs that the Universe delivers you, and to say no to things that aren’t aligned — clearing space, time and energy for expansion.
  2. Be okay with things not working out or making…



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