Learning to co-create with the Universe

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I used to think that leaving things up to the Universe was a total cop-out. Surrendering and doing nothing didn’t feel logical, it felt lazy. There’s a lot of cardinal energy in my chart (Capricorn sun, Cancer moon) and I firmly believed that things happen because we make them happen.

Happiness is overrated— aim for alignment instead

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This year is already shaking up my brain and soul in a slightly less chaotic but equally as cool way as last year. 2020 was about breaking down the past, tearing us away from the familiar, and preparing us to do things differently. …

Finding the elusive creative beast, the counterintuitive way

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Creative flow is an elusive beast. Whenever I stumble upon it, I try to pause, look around, and take note of where I found it, so I can hunt it down again.

One Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, I suddenly felt incredibly inspired, and open to sharing my writing…

There’s no escaping this paradigm shift, because the paradigm is us

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This is big. Really big. And yet it all started from something so small. In just a few months a sub-microscopic agent has shut down the whole world, and we’ve woken up in a new reality. This is COVID-19.

Sometimes I forget that everything has changed. When I remember, I’m…

Beth Louise

Adventures of a metaphysical girl in a material world. Instagram @21xseven

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